‘What’s good can be better.’ That’s our motto here at DigiCultural and we firmly believe in constant evaluation and correction. We need to know what Ads are working, why they’re working, what strikes with the audience, what doesn’t get their attention and much more analytics. We constantly monitor and review your entire digital campaign so that you get the best results your investment deserves. Let’s refine your campaign and optimize your potential.


What’s the first thing an advertisement should do?
- It should connect.
- It should cause a feeling of connection, of shared interest with the customers to establish their trust in our brand. Without it’s engagement with consumers, an advertisement is just meaningless words and colours.
At DigiCultural, we help you understand just how well your campaign engages with your customers by tracking three performance measurements:

1. Impressions: The number of times your Ad is displayed.
2. Click-through rate (CTR): The ratio of Ad clicks to the number of Ad displays.
3. Conversions: The number of times users complete the desired outcome.

We provide in-depth, detailed analytical reports which help you track your advertisement’s performance measurements and the factors influencing consumers. At DigiCultural, our meticulous reports contain acute, insightful conclusions and analysis about your Impressions, CTR and Conversions. These performance reports can be easily adapted to effectively analyse an account, a campaign, an ad group, a keyword or numerous other marketing techniques.


‘It’s not about the quantity, but the quality of your employees’ – Henry Ford
Think of your online Ads as your employees, part of this global sales force driving business to your service or product in this digital world. And like any good employees, you need quality assurance over expendable quantity. Your online clicks are of a certain quality. One that should be maintained under all circumstances.
What we need to do, like any good employer, is to weed out the bad clicks from the good. Having accidental clicks and clicks on illegitimate advertisements are a huge drain on your budget which pollute your entire campaign. At DigiCultural, we use state-of-the-art real time and post-click systems to limit the occurrence of low-quality, wasteful clicks.
DigiCultural categorizes clicks as standard-quality, low-quality, or invalid:

1. Standard-quality clicks are regular customer ad clicks. These are billable clicks and efficient in marketing your product.
2. Low-quality clicks exhibit characteristics of muddled and minute commercial intent, and can exhibit patterns of unusual activity. Identification of these clicks as an unnecessary expense is highly required.
3. Invalid clicks fall into the low-quality category, and are identified as having characteristics typical of user error, search engine robots, or fraudulent activities.

Identify, monitor, report and prevent a significant amount of your marketing budget from being inefficiently frittered away at DigiCultural with our contemporary and updated digital tools.


When you’re designing your Ad, it’s quality is of paramount importance. At DigiCultural, we specialize in designing quality, engaging content which ensures your Ad derives the maximum benefit possible. We expertly evaluate Ads, advertisers and search results to refine and maximize the best Ad value for users. This includes evaluating whether:

1. Ads align with keywords, landing page and offer.
2. Advertisers offer unique and valuable goods, services or information.
3. Bing and Yahoo search results set is unique, relevant and high quality.

To position your Ad on the Yahoo Bing Network, we ensure a good ranking amongst competitive ads. We assess the keyword bid and ad quality (which includes Ad performance) and try to obtain improved ratings on these factors which ensure a prominent Ad ranking.


Campaign creation is only step one. Once implementation is under way, we at DigiCultural help you prepare for the next stage – Campaign Refinement. There are many aspects of a company’s communication that has to be reviewed, modified and amended. Audience feedback could be based on text, design, keyword selection and a range of factors well within your control. We fine-tune the various factors based on insightful takeaways of your campaign and help you :

1. Track your Online Advertising and Marketing Budget
2. Evaluate Ad Keyword performance
3. Generate strategies for Campaign Optimization

DigiCultural reports are categorized by five report types:

1. Performance reports track how your advertising campaign is performing at every level such as the account, campaign, ad group, ad or specific keyword levels.
2. Change history reports track the changes made to your campaigns.
3. Targeting reports track the profile of the audience influenced by your advertisements.
4. Campaign analytics reports track conversions, revenue from conversions, advertising costs and visitor behavior on your website.
5. Billing and budget reports track the campaign budget and the current portion spent.

Based on these perceptive results, we offer a window into the consumer’s minds, the audience tastes and the campaign reception. Modification of the campaign can be successfully and progressively implemented utilizing these insights.

Here are a few common scenarios and solutions:
Low impressions due to keywords
Losing impressions and customer reach due to a low ad ranking?
Run a Keyword Performance report to identify the efficiency of various keywords during a stipulated time period and evaluate their performance. A Search Query Performance report can also be utilized to determine the search queries that resulted in impressions and clicks for your ads. Create new lists obtained from the more successful keywords for a more focused and definite keyword campaign.
Some other reasons for low impressions are:

1. Disapproved keywords
2. Negative keywords that are blocking your keywords
3. Low keyword bids
4. Inaccurate targeting settings


Get an astute campaign performance report to examine the number of impressions, overall customer traffic and click-through rate (CTR). A low CTR could be the result of indecisive and muddy Ad copy and a generic value offering. Improve your ad by rewriting it to include more commonly-used search keywords in the title and text. In addition, we utilize dynamic text with DigiCultural in order for your ad to display the actual phrases and terms the audience employs in their search queries.
It’s better by far to ditch a low-performing ad and start from scratch with a new one. Ad Performance History affects an Ad’s current performance. At DigiCultural, ads with greater response are served with more frequency to improve performance. To further increase the chance for your customers to see your ads, consider setting incremental bids and use negative keywords to avoid unwanted traffic.


One of the key objectives for any advertisement campaign is conversion. Procuring impressions and clicks are merely statistics without a high rate of conversion. Realize your budget efficiently with the Universal Event Tracking report. Review consumer behavior on your website and understand the users inclinations and tendencies perceptively using the Universal Event Tracking Tool. Run a Campaign Analytics Goals report to determine the pages on your website with diminished user-experience and add Dynamic Text to your destination URL to direct people to specific pages based on their keyword search. It’s critical to have well-organized and relevant content that directly relates to the search keyword and your product.Although increasing customer conversions is the primary objective, there are other tools that can help you increase ROI:

1. Bid and traffic estimation tools can help you optimize your keyword bids for the position that meets your campaign goals.
2. Keyword performance report can help you identify expensive, underperforming keywords that you may want to delete.
3. Keyword research tools can help you find additional keywords that are relevant to your ads and landing pages.

We optimize the campaign for utmost performance with maintaining conversions, CPL, etc for our clients.