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Social Media Ads

Finding out who, exactly, are your customers is a great way to maximize your marketing efforts.

Let’s find out the profile of your consumers. What age group do they come in, what are their interests, where do they come from, are they male or female; young or old? There are many questions that must be answered before a Brand can accurately identify it’s ideal target audience.

Through Social Network Advertising, or Social Media Targeting, DigiCultural examines and specifies the profile of consumers for any Brand. Taking advantage of the user’s demographic information, Brands can target their advertisements on Social Media effectively.

Social Media Targeting is a term for a collection of online targeting options, such as Geo-Targeting, socio-psychological profile identification and Behavioral patterns amongst others. These online tools give us a profile of the ideal consumer and using this information, Brands can specify their advertisements to effect a greater reach amongst this target audience.

Social Media Targeting (Or Network Advertising) shouldn’t be confused with Social Media Advertising. Social Media targeting refines and enhances Social Media Advertising by using profile data to directly deliver Advertisements to the users more naturally prone to become customers.